Department: Education Development and Standards


The Department is structured into two (2) Divisions:

  1. a.     Educational Development; and 
  2. b.    Examination and Certification.


  1. Planning strategy and programmes/plan ofaction for the Board;
  2. Conducting and coordinating Research for the Development of the Office;
  3. Coordination of computerization activities;
  4. Publication of Directory, Gazette, Journals and Bulletin;
  5. Developing education curricula for Health Education;
  6. Coordinating Continuing Community Health Education programmes;
  7. Coordinating the accreditation and supervision of continuing Education programmes;
  8. Assessment and accreditation of schools, training programmes;
  9. Reviewing the guidelines on minimum standards of Community Health Education;
  10. Examining/assessing and certifying students to practice;
  11. Conducting of research for the development of the Community Health Profession; and
  12. Licensing of Practitioners and evaluating request for license renewal.


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