Department: Finance & Administration


The department is structured into two (2) Divisions:

  1. Human Resources Division; and
  2. Finance and Accounts Division.


  1. Responsible for recruitment, promotion and discipline  in the Board;
  2. Prepares and  maintains the register of all staff,  confidential  and secret files;
  3. Providing secretariat for staff committees;
  4. Responsible for staff welfare and health matters;
  5. Responsible for providing _general administration services;
  6. Managing the Board’s information services including Library, etc;
  7. Coordinates  appointment and promotion of staff;
  8. Serves as Secretariatfor all management ,  Board of Trustees and Board meetings;
  9. Maintains offices and equipment;
  10. Plans and co-ordinates Manpower  development and capacity building;
  11. Assisting   in   Planning,    Organizing   and   Co-ordination    of   Board’s activities;
  12. Assisting in the Preparation ofBudget;
  13. Liaising with PENCOM on staff pension  matters;.
  14. Writing of receipts and lodging of-both cash and drafts in the banks;
  15. Payment of staff salaries and  contractors;
  16. Reconciliation of accounts and other financial transactions;
  17. Keeping and Maintenance of all Accounting books and ledgers;
  18. Generation of Management Reports;
  19. Preparation, Coordination and Implementation of Board’s budget;
  20. Processing and effecting all approved payments;
  21. Preparation of Income and Expenditure  transactions; and
  22. Keeping of Imprest for the running  of office day to day expenses.
  23. To create excellence in the health sector pedigree for the country


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